Instruments and Supplies (Virtual)

This is the list of instruments and props that will be used in virtual Live-Stream classes at Union Colony Children's Music Academy.  We recommend that you have a dedicated set of instruments for music classes, even if you already have some or all of these in your play things.  Please scroll down for information on Instrument Checkout from our Instrument Library or for links to purchase your own instruments.

Family Music and Exploring Music and Movement
4 Rhythm Sticks
4 Jingle Sticks
2 Egg Shakers
1 Frame Drum
2 Bean Bags
2 Long Ribbons
1 Bell or Finger Cymbal set
2 Scarves

Making Music 
2 Rhythm Sticks
2 Jingle Sticks
2 Egg Shakers
1 Frame Drum
1 Bean Bags
1 Long Ribbons
1 Scarves
1 Glockenspiel and 2 mallets
4 colored pencils

2 Rhythm Sticks
2 Egg Shakers
1 Frame Drum
1 Bean Bags
1 Scarves

Keep your instruments in a large bag, box or basket and keep them dedicated to music class (and to together music time during the week!); we recommend that instruments used for class be kept separate from other toys, and only used and enjoyed during class time and during parent/child music play together.  That way, they are a special part of a special time with you! We have instrument kits available for check out, so you can leave your regular home instruments as part of the toy box.

To Borrow:
UCCMA is pleased to loan instruments through Instrument Checkout to our Live-Stream students.  For a $30 refundable deposit, we will lend you the required instruments. These instruments are for your use in UCCMA classes offered digitally; we recommend they only be used for classes and for parent/child play. Socially distanced instrument pickup will be by appointment.  Socially distanced return will be scheduled 1 week after your enrollment ends.
To Purchase:  
These links all have some or all of the items needed for classes; be sure to check the list above for what you need.  (Note that we are happy to lend you a set- see above.)  The listed brands are not required, but are provided for your convenience and are either what we use in our in-person classes or are a trusted brand.

Drum, Jingles, Sticks, Shakers, Scarves, Bean Bag, Cymbals, (Sandblocks)
Drum, Jingles, Sticks, Scarves, Cymbals

West Music:
Jingles, Sticks, Shakers, Scarf
Egg Shaker
Bean Bag
Finger Cymbals

Amazon List (be sure to go to!)