Spring Semester Calendar

*Spring Semester starts 1/22. Families are continuously enrolled through the school year to give families a dependable schedule; just let us know if you need to adjust your enrollment or change days/times for Spring (2 weeks notice if you will be withdrawing from classes, please!)

*Note- UCCMA classes on Mondays happen regardless of school out days or holidays; if you are in a Monday class but out of town or have other plans on a school-out day, please schedule a makeup class!

*Piano Demonstration will be 5/7 for all piano/keyboard students.  More information will be provided by your teacher.

*Last Day of Spring classes will be May 17th.
*First Day of Summer classes will be May 28th.

*Summer Break will be 6/24 to 7/7

*Fall 2024 Classes will begin September 9th.  Watch your email or our website for Fall registration.